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Bloody Drops (CE)

    To this day I continue to ask who I really am, even after the loss of my mother and father, even after I joined and quit the guards. Who am I? I am a monster but I hate harming humans, I despise it. Why must we be at war?
    I have that same dream every night. The murders of those three children. The first one is the soul of this child, they had a sky blue soul. A beautiful soul it was. The child was even more beautiful.
    A young girl with a blue dress, she almost looked like a princess. She had a toy knife, and she was tough. Light on her feet and quite patient for a princess, guarding, slashing and jumping around those purple walls of the ruins. She didn't want to die...
    But she did. Her blood stained my blades. I still hear it...drip, drip, drip. The echo plaguing my mind with grief, and it wasn't getting better. What am I...?
    The next one was a bold orange soul, this boy was tough. He ha
:iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 3 4
Ember and Lupine by jrscoolio Ember and Lupine :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 6 0 Breaking Time by jrscoolio Breaking Time :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 2 0 Bari the Goodra by jrscoolio Bari the Goodra :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 7 0 The Crunch Muncher by jrscoolio The Crunch Muncher :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 5 1 Sam the fat Snivy by jrscoolio Sam the fat Snivy :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 2 0 Homemade Pun-believable Costume by jrscoolio Homemade Pun-believable Costume :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 7 0 The Fight of (Old) Friends (color edit) by jrscoolio The Fight of (Old) Friends (color edit) :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 3 0 Featherweight by jrscoolio Featherweight :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 3 3
Metal Mashup (Late CE)
   The name Mettaton is a name known well to me, and that’s not just because his face is the logo for every channel on TV. He and Alphys are nice creatures, but I never needed them so badly until a precious treasure broke in front of my eyes.
   For those who don’t know, I have treasured a music box given to me by my parents before my mother gave up her soul to save me, and my father mysteriously disappeared. If I were to chose my life or the music box...I’d pick the music box.
   Carrying the small music box in my wing, I was walking out of my bedroom to find my tools and tune up the box. It was chiming rather slowly.
   As I was closing the door to my room, the music fell from my wing and crashed to the stone floor. Shock and dread filled my eye with tears as I broke down.
   All the mechanisms in the wooden box were broken, the only thing intact was the wooden wheel that played the bells.
:iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 2 0
Let's go girls! by jrscoolio Let's go girls! :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 1 0 Can you take this seriously? by jrscoolio Can you take this seriously? :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 2 2 Harven Cosset Portrait (dA 16 year anniversary) by jrscoolio Harven Cosset Portrait (dA 16 year anniversary) :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 2 0 HERE COMES TEAM CHARM~ by jrscoolio HERE COMES TEAM CHARM~ :iconjrscoolio:jrscoolio 1 0

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I love the border of the picture, very suiting. The colors are absolutely eye-popping. (The bra a bit pointless, but at the same time n...


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Jacob Schreiber
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am Jacob, I am mainly a writer, but occasionally I do art. I have improved majorly over the years and I love writing, it's quite a passion!

Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single (But looking...)
Religion: Atheist (But respects other religions)
Art: Drawing and story writing

My love for Undertale is as bright as my passion for MLP.


Temmie Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Sans Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Undyne Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Toriel Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Flowey the Flower Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Asriel Dremurr (SPOILERS) by Bloody-Uragiri Frisk Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Asriel Dremurr 2 (SPOILERS) by Bloody-Uragiri Asriel Dremurr FINAL (SPOILERS) by Bloody-Uragiri Asgore Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Professor Alphys Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Papyrus Icon by Bloody-Uragiri Mettaton Ex Icon by Bloody-Uragiri

There are two characters I adore in Undertale, nobody can top Asriel and Toriel.
UT - Asriel Stamp by whitenoize UT - Toriel Stamp by whitenoize
Okay, okay. I know what a lot of you are thinking. "Where has this jackass been?"

Be mad, I don't mind. I'm here to say I may end up making a new account and starting fresh. Transferring some things over from this like the newer pieces of artwork and such. As of yesterday I got a computer finally, and I have also been drawing traditional and DIGITAL art as well. Now that I have a computer maybe I can finally quit being a lazyass and upload content for once. YAY!

The whole change to a new account will likely happen. SO, I would like to announce that I will in fact be uploading various content including things like vore. While I will keep them out of my featured area, I will still be uploading said content. For those of you who still watch me or have connections with me I will try to keep in touch during this transfer. Hopefully a new scene and a new page will help me ease up clutter and make some half-decent content

I would also like to say the same rules apply about trolling, spamming, just all-out being a dick, and treating me like crap. Instant block, instant ignore.

This will likely happen, and I will likely transfer some artwork over. But I would like to say, I may not post a journal telling people where and what my account is, I will note those that would like to stay in touch. Why I'm going to leave it a secret is because people have stalked my page and have trolled me more than once. But if you wanna stay in complete communication with me, then here's the deal...

Discord 9/10 is the only way to get a reply from me in time ranging from seconds to minutes (and occasionally hours) If you'd like to just plainly chat sometime, my username is Harven Cosset#9309.

Finally to sign this off. My content in drawing has been improving more, and I have been feeling quite happy lately, this artwork will be my artwork, original pieces, not bases, none of that. I'm drawing myself and even digitalizing some as of late. This is content you may or may not like, for those who don't then please leave, if it's something you don't want to see just ignore it and move on. Chastising me for making that artwork will not stop me from making it and it won't help your case as an individual. I'm strange, and really I've come to embrace the weirdo I have become because...I'm me. So if it's a bad thing to be who I am and embrace the weirdo I've learned to be...then so be it. I am me, I will forever be me, and no matter what you say or do can change that. Thank you.

Anyways, this may be one of my last journals on this account, so thank you all and I wish you good day. ~jrs


I just got a commenter calling me sick for being attracted to mlp characters, my fetishes and liking Undertale. The guy calls me sick and he's using the account of a dead person to try to troll me. And I'm the sick one.
Last Splatfest tomorrow. QnQ I am upset, though...TEAM MARIE, LET'S FUCKING GO! LET'S MAKE THIS SPLATFEST A GOOD ONE!!!


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