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Summer Desire by StePandy

I love the border of the picture, very suiting. The colors are absolutely eye-popping. (The bra a bit pointless, but at the same time n...


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Jacob Schreiber
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am Jacob, I am mainly a writer, but occasionally I do art. I have improved majorly over the years and I love writing, it's quite a passion!

Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single (But looking...)
Religion: Atheist (But respects other religions)
Art: Drawing and story writing

My love for Undertale is as bright as my passion for MLP.


Temmie Icon by Bloody-UragiriSans Icon by Bloody-UragiriUndyne Icon by Bloody-UragiriToriel Icon by Bloody-UragiriFlowey the Flower Icon by Bloody-UragiriAsriel Dremurr (SPOILERS) by Bloody-UragiriFrisk Icon by Bloody-UragiriAsriel Dremurr 2 (SPOILERS) by Bloody-UragiriAsriel Dremurr FINAL (SPOILERS) by Bloody-UragiriAsgore Icon by Bloody-UragiriProfessor Alphys Icon by Bloody-UragiriPapyrus Icon by Bloody-UragiriMettaton Ex Icon by Bloody-Uragiri

There are two characters I adore in Undertale, nobody can top Asriel and Toriel.
UT - Asriel Stamp by whitenoizeUT - Toriel Stamp by whitenoize
  • Playing: YouTube
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Chocolate milk
Tagged by LightningPhoenix

1) Pick an OC
2) Fill out the questions/statements as if you're that OC
3) Tag people to do this meme

1) What is your name?

Harven Bell Cosset. But I used to have the nickname Harvey~

2) Do you know why you are named that?

Harven, broken down is "Harpy from Heaven". Cosset is my family name and my middle name is Bell because music runs in our family.

3) Are you single or taken?

UNDERTALE: I've had my eyes on a bonified prize for years. Quite a charmer that Papyrus, not to mention very confident. Not a lot of men can be you say...passionate as I can.

VARIOUS: Nobody is in my life right now, but a girl's gotta look, wink wink.

4) Have any abilities or powers?

Gliding for long distances, decent speed and Keen Eye

5) Stop being Mary-Sue.


6) What's your eye color?

A light brownish.

7) What's your hair color?

If you're talking about my headfeathers? Brown, simply brown.

8) Have any family members?

Parents. Cleft and Rosetta Cosset...though, both are no longer with us.

9) Oh? How about pets?

Pets? No...not a pet girl.

10) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Anguish...pain, the darkness...I'm sensitive to pain and I hate steep, black drops.

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Ballet, singing, and sparring. Anyone willing to take me on.

12) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?

UNDERTALE: Yes...Undyne being one but that was for fun. Just a fun match.

VARIOUS: Anyone who trespasses in my parent's castle will face consequences.

13) Ever...killed anyone?

UNDERTALE: Three...human children for their souls. -Clenches wing-

VARIOUS: Many...want a number? 287 exactly, and all were trespassers...

14) What kind of animal are you?

You could call me a bird or a chicken, but actually I'm a Harpy

17) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

Bi, for sure. Depends on the person.

18) Do you go to school?

School? No, whatever that is...

19) Ever want to get married and have kids one day?

UNDERTALE: Skeletons can't have kids, but marrage is on the table.

VARIOUS: Gotta continue the Cosset family bloodline. Hopefully.

20) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

UNDERTALE: I do have a fanclub on Underbook

VARIOUS: Not at all

21) What are you most afraid of?

Mild fear of the dark, and deep drops with no clear bottom.

22) What clothes do you normally wear?

A tight black suit with blades designed to pop out and retract at will. There is a little red around the collar and the end of my suit.

23) What's one food that tempts you?

UNDERTALE: Grillby's fresh-made burger...

VARIOUS: Ah...salmon. the most priceless of tasty meats...

24) Well, it's still not over.

-Flicks a wing- Not often I get to talk about myself. Carry on!

25) What class are you?

UNDERTALE: I was middle to upper when I was in the I'm below low-class. A thief.

VARIOUS: Class? With how I live "class" doesn't exist.

26) How many friends do you have?

UNDERTALE: Pappy, Sans, Alphys, Muffet...-Runs a wing across her side-...U-Undyne...

VARIOUS: A-no...

27) What are your thought on pie?

GAAAH! My mom's pies were the BEEEEEST!

28) Favorite drink?

Tea. I love tea. Not many people know that.

29) What's your favorite place?

UNDERTALE: The deepest part of the Waterfall...the ceiling stars and gentle voices of the echo flowers...

VARIOUS: My secret garden half a mile away from home.

30) Are you interested in anyone?

UNDERTALE: My man Papyrus~

VARIOUS: If anyone is interested in me~

31) That was a stupid question.

I answered it anyways.

32) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?


34) Any fetishes?

UNDERTALE: No, not really...

VARIOUS: Well...vore is one.

33) What's your type?

Passionate, courageous, or musical...wait, why is 33 AFTER 34?

35) Camping or indoors?

Outdoors. For sure...


I tag ProfXChasePines, Noah-x3, IAmADinosaurRARRR, and anyone else willing~


Last Splatfest tomorrow. QnQ I am upset, though...TEAM MARIE, LET'S FUCKING GO! LET'S MAKE THIS SPLATFEST A GOOD ONE!!!
Cool thing! My buddy JJ just randomly gave me 20$! SWEET!

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Hello and thank you for faving Undertale The Musical: A Tale of Three Angels cover, over on my page.  This cover was made for a Undertale fan comic I’m working with artist Catgir. We also have a fan fic that shows CH 1-CH 9 of the story If you like to see it ahead of the comic.
My story is mostly about giving Asriel Dreemerr a happy ending. I’m also going to try and stay close to the themes of the game by going a true pacifist route. As said in the story’s name it’s kind of a musical were Asriel has the power to reach people's hearts by song, and dance, not fighting. If you have time please tell me what you think. I’m always open to constructive criticism. thank you for your time.

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Eenie meenie miney mo
I've chose a flower just for you
here you'll find the flower that you pear;
let's see which flower will you hear.

good luck finding your flower dear~ <3
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